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After slaying the dragon that is the entrance exam, GD, PI and all the underlying events that premium B schools make you go through to test your “Ability to get a Job”. That last few words will hurt you a little. On that note friends welcome to my article and the first myth that every selected student holds in his heart that he was the best of the lot so he got selected. No my dear friend you were the most employable of the lot. The great MBA life is full of myths and being a fresh graduate from one of the premier B school of the country I felt like penning down my thoughts. The following myths have been experienced by me on a personal level any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. Please keep the above line in mind if you agree to disagree with any of my mentioned myths.


Job is done: The war is yet to start. You are with the set of people who are more or less at the same intellectual level as of yours. And they have the same employability quotient. So if you think differentiating yourself will be a walk in the park. It means either you are lying or some untapped potential will be tapped by you just like “sorcerer apprentice”. If not just chin up and fight like there is no tomorrow.


Good academics is so boring: Ever seen that geeky guy with thick sunglasses and a weird laughter always engrossed in studies. On the other hand, the SRK lookalike sporting a chain around his neck with the word cool. We all want to be SRK. Screw this stereotyping shown in typical movies. Because grades matter. Why? Academics are not the true reflection of a candidates’ potential. Good argument will fetch you a brownie point in GD. But practically companies have a pre decided filter when they come in. Especially for those colleges where a whole district comes in to study. And you can’t blame them it is the easiest way they can eliminate. In short nobody suffered due to good grades but anything south can squash your dream of working in your dream company. Work hard or smart just get the grades.


Competition is the king: The moment I stepped my foot inside the college premises we got the news one of our senior won a highly prestigious competition and represented India at the international level. Our eyes twinkled and just like the protagonist “Sardar Khan” of Gangs of Wasseypur we made winning the competition the only aim of our life. Motivated and filled with hopes I tried my luck in all the competitions. Could not even get past the first round of any competition. Maybe I was incompetent or the bad luck that bestowed on me for not forwarding chain messages. I was devastated and considered it the end of the world. Now if I look back I feel it never mattered. Yes, winning the competition is huge. But if you are unable to win any don’t get frustrated rather improve skills at the individual level which will help you to sell better in the end.


Committee work is beneath me: Before becoming managers we are bitten by the bug of elitism. We think being manager means directing people, sitting in AC office and those exotic paid foreign tours. You will be super lucky if the Job Description matches the desired attributes. For majority of the unfortunate souls like me you will have to get your hands dirty. So never dismiss any job by saying that is beneath you. Being part of committee is not a status symbol or your best way to get hooked with opposite gender. But for me at least it was experiencing how to work in a mini startup where you learn in first year and test your learning in second year. In the path you will have to do some tasks that won’t add value to your life. But so will be your career. Just have a beta test before facing the music.


Though the rant may sound scary, controversial or plain stupid. But this is my point of view. And for me getting the job was most important. So take this advice with pinch of salt. At the same time don’t forget to have fun because now when I look back I remember all the fun I had in the path of discovering myself.

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  1. Thanks Ashutosh for sharing such valuable insights from your past experience at IMT. Keep sharing more memories or anything that may help your batch mates or juniors!

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