Learn – Grow – Conquer! – B2B sales, An experience to have!

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B2B sales, An experience to have !!

Sales scares people! Bechenge Kaiseyyyyy! IT wale hai hum….code dikhao code…abhi debug karke denge!
How do we say “Ye lelo, lelo sir…we are the one’s you require!” and as Russell Peter quotes..” Just take it and go….Just take it….&…. Go ”

This was my first experience as a B2B sales intern!
I’ve had approx 2 yrs of experience at an IT Giant as a Software Engineer and having a sales exposure at internship was a dream come true! Literally!…Cmon, experiencing a field before your final placements and living that life, totally worth it!
I din’t have a field job, it’s B2B sales babey! AC rooms, T-shirt & Jeans, Coffee by your side and fingers on Laptop!

I know people are jealous! But this too isn’t an easy job. Convincing a potential client that we can provide you expertise in your dire need and all we need is just trust [ and money too 😛 ] . Convincing an unknown person is a tough job, here I utilized Shalini Kalia Ma’am’s Negotiation Skill practices and did I convert a few connects? Sure hell I did!! Can’t tell the actual count peeps!, but it sure hell was a good deal.
What skills do you require? 1. Convincing skills. 2. Negotiation babey! 3. Knowledge about your offering 4. Capacity to drink lots of coffee 5. Good English 6. If they say “Not required”, ask them why, get to know them, understand why don’t they need your service and if you aren’t convinced by their reasons, do not stop trying!

My organisation had a new sales team and everyone was trying their best to get the best and understand how sales work. With subject line offering to animated GIF’s, from Short and Crisp texting to LinkedIn msgs of 300 characters, we did it all.

B2B is veryyyy different from B2C, very! but it’s an experience to have, my role provided me the ground level of B2B sales, there is a whole ladder to cross.

There was a quote on our white board ” We sales people have a habit of hearing “Not Interested”… Do not lose hope, because time will come when a person will say “tell me more about it”..”

I’ve completed my internship 2 days ago and all i know, the sales people have earned my respect because of the hardwork they do!

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  1. Thanks Sundeep for sharing your experience with TFT. Keep sharing more about your SIP experience that may help other students or your future juniors!

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