Internship Experience at Bosch

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On 2nd April 2018, when I woke up I was very excited to work with one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers.
Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer and worked in IT industry for nearly 3 years,”DIGITALISING”,the supply chain of Central Purchasing Function of Bosch looked like a Perfect opportunity for learning.
Being an Intern,I was given lot of opportunities to lead and work independently.
With enough resources provided everyone was there to help me out.
You know you are valued when you are given ample opportunities to present your work to the Vice President.
On the technology front,I was asked to study the internal tools and external solutions available to create the Dashboard for Performance Analysis of Suppliers .
I was a part of all the Digitalisation meetings and represented Bosch during Vendor Selection.
On the business front I got an opportunity to interact with a lot of managers which helped me develop a different approach of solving problems which was more holistic and long term.
A big Thanks to my mentor Krishna Sir for patiently listening to my doubts and answering my queries keeping his own work at bay.
Shoutout to Chetan Sir and Karthik for their immense support and guidance throughout this incredible journey.
Now I can proudly say forever that
We Are Bosch!!

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  1. Thanks Neeraj for sharing your experience with Bosch. Keep sharing more about your SIP experience that may help other students or your future juniors!

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