Internship at a hill station? Oh yes!!

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Just when everyone is fussing about having to roam around in the summer heat during their internship, I got an opportunity to make an impact in my field of interest in a company located in Shillong!!

I’m currently interning at Hotel Polo towers, Shillong which is a hotel chain in the North East. I’m working in the HR department and learning the nitty gritty of everything that HR is responsible for in a typical company.

I cannot think of a better place where I would have gotten so much exposure and responsibility. I am getting to not only see the application of the theory I’ve learnt in college but also the opportunity to implement some of my strategies in the field of performance appraisal, employee satisfaction and HR strategizing. 

Overall, I’m very excited to see how the project shapes out. All of this, while I explore a new city and enjoy the cool breeze.

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  1. Thanks Meola for sharing your initial experience with Polo Towers. Keep sharing more about your SIP experience that may help other students or your future juniors!

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