Fries and all things nice!

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The day I stepped in McCain’s office, I knew that all I could expect is the unexpected. And that is precisely what these 3 weeks have been all about. Every single day has been all about new learning and experiences, giving me lessons for lifetime.

Although I have previously worked in corporate for a year, but this was my first stint in a FMCG company. The day I was assigned my project, I was simply clueless! The project had set high expectations for me and it freaked me out as to how would I ever be able to achieve it in such short span of time. But gradually, things started falling into place. And this was only due to one reason- multiple market visits.

Sales internship is not looked forward to by many MBA aspirants given the rigorous on-the-field routine in the peak summer heat. Everyone looks up to a secure marketing job in the office under the comfort of ACs. However, working on the field is what gave me immense exposure about the company’s operations and helped me learn in and out of it. I could have never done this if I relied on other people’s research and opinions. Only when I could understand the ground reality of market, I was able to strategize a new plan of action for them.

Today I am halfway through the project and ready to pilot a new idea just because I chose the field as my place of learning and working. Elevating from here is what a real progress would be for me, because all big things start small.

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  1. Thanks Yogita for sharing your initial experience with McCain. Keep sharing more about your SIP experience that may help other students or your future juniors!

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