Everything is relative, and only that is Absolut

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1 week of internship is over and here I am trying to encapsulate all the thrill and excitement I have undergone till now in my summer internship. I am interning with Absolutdata Analytics with three more folks from IMT Ghaziabad.

I had packed my bag a day before the D-Internship day. I was not nervous as I had the backing of 2 years working at client location in Bengaluru. So, I was kind of aware of how the process goes in the corporate world. Plus, Absolutdata Analytics is into Consulting and AI products where working is very similar to how it happens in IT industry.

What I was excited about was the unfurling of the project which I would be working on.

Since it was the first day, we found the luxury to report to HR late at around 11.30 a.m. All four of us (IMTian’s) were looking very dapper. We were greeted with some gifts from Absolutdata, the sexiest being my own AbsoultData Coffee mug to constantly remind me of how much effort I have to put into my internship and Absoultdata is there to back me up, to keep me awake. The day then continued with some company overview presentations, trainings, other formalities.

Post lunch, we had a session with our individual reporting managers. My Reporting Manager has been a Product Manager at Absolutdata labs and is responsible for customizing the product according to the clients need. He was the one who took my interview and going by his words he selected me for making me work under him only. He told me that I was about to be a part of one of the biggest project Labs team has till now. I was awestruck when I realized about the client I will be working. I was excited and thanked my manager for making me part of the team. Then I had my buddy lunch with Mr. Akash. Akash was part of the sales team of Absolutdata and worked towards selling their products to new leads.  My Colleagues and IMT Alums already working at Absoultdata told me about the work culture and how this small organization was taking big leaps in the era of AI and machine learning.

After our Buddy lunch we were assigned our laptops. At the end of the day we had a session of finance and ISMS to know about the do’s and don’t’s of the organization. At the end of the day I realized that Absolutdata followed a flat structure and all people were very approachable which is unlikely the case in many other organizations.

From second day onwards, we four had our daily tasks assigned, I had to read decks, come out with my understanding of the decks and there were many more things to be done. All I can say is there was all the help available and it all depends on the individual on how he leverages it. Also, having a few of my friends from IMT joining here as interns with me never let me feel like an alien in a new universe. With seniors joining in very soon, I hope Absolutdata will be a rollercoaster experience for me. Thanks to #MarkUp and #WINternship2018 to let me share this post. Lets all #WIN PPOs!


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