Embrace the irrationalities

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In today’s world, most of the marketers are not able to figure out why even after spending millions on research and product development, consumers don’t buy their products regularly. Let’s take an example of a mobile manufacturer. You know that you are providing the best processor and you know that you are providing the best deal, Still the person you are targeting ends up buying a phone which is clearly a waste of money and inferior to your product in every possible way.

So why does this exactly happen? You know that your product is more dexterous and its configuration is better than that of any competitor in the market. You have evidences and real-time data to authenticate your claim. But the question is do your prospect clients care more about data and figures or the experience that your product promises? Are they concerned more about the factsheets or the instant gratification that they are going to achieve after people start admiring them for the product that they have bought.

An economist assumes people to be rational; a marketer should know that they are not. The need of the hour then is not to demand that your customers become more rational, but instead to embrace just how irrational they are. Sell an experience, not a product. Positive customer perception combined with a remarkable experience will result in long term business.

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