Internship Experience at Bosch

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May 26
On 2nd April 2018, when I woke up I was very excited to work with one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers. Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer and worked in

Embrace the irrationalities

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May 01
In today’s world, most of the marketers are not able to figure out why even after spending millions on research and product development, consumers don’t buy their products regularly. Let’s

Hello Future IMTian

Firstly, congratulations on getting through to one of the most sought after private MBA colleges in India. Having graduated from the college barely two months ago, I can assure you

Great Project vs Greater Experience

Pranav Singh   
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Apr 27
Just before the onset of my SIP, all I wished for was a great project through which I could experience the corporate culture. After a lot of global(Marketing/HR/OBP/SSR) and semi-global(Finance/Operations)

Internship at a hill station? Oh yes!!

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Apr 24
Just when everyone is fussing about having to roam around in the summer heat during their internship, I got an opportunity to make an impact in my field of interest