MarkUp aims to be a student run marketing enterprise which not only provides a platform for budding marketing managers at IMT but also provides real time solutions for the corporates.

Who We Are

At MarkUp, our love for marketing drives who we are and what we do everyday.
What we do is more important:
Illustrating how marketing concepts are applied to real-life situations,
enabling budding marketers to get a taste of live business problems,
providing a platform to showcase case study prowess and
facilitating industry interaction for B-School students.

WE strive to make YOU succeed.
MarkUp is your window to the world of marketing.......Let the wind surprise you!

Prof. Abhishek

Faculty Coordinator

The leader of the wolf-pack. He's the Prof-Next-Door, very approachable and the most sincere mentor we could have ever had.

Jitender Joshi


Everything about Jitender AKA "Jeetu" is oxymoronic.

He is horribly sweet, hopelessly optimistic and insanely smart.


Harsh Sharma


A Fanatic Football fan who embodies the the club slogan...

"You Never Walk Alone"

He's the Gerrard to our Liverpool.


Yogita Singh


A Taskmaster who gets things done, on time.

She is the powerpuff girl that the script did not have.

Our Vision

Help in orchestrating IMT’s mission of taking management education to unprecedented heights by adding to the rigor witnessed by the budding marketing community.

Our Values

At MarkUp, we believe that leadership and values are intertwined. Our community values of Integrity, Responsibility, Trust, Respect, Professionalism, Teamwork and Adaptability strengthen the IMT learning environment and are at the heart of MarkUp’s ambition: to improve upon business thinking by educating leaders to go beyond conventional management skills through innovation, execution and social responsibility.